We strongly advise all visitors/participants to arrange their visas and book flights and accommodation early due to processing times and a high level of demand throughout the year.



For many nationalities, an invitation letter is required for the visa procedure. If you have a Nigerian business partner or a Nigerian office, we kindly ask you to obtain a visa invitation via them. If you have no contacts, please get in touch with us to explore alternative possibilities.

For more information and specifics for obtaining your visa please contact your embassy.
Please click here to find specific information on your visa requirements


Driving yourself in Nigeria is advised against, due to limited road signage and intense traffic conditions.
If you are staying at the Intercontinental (or any other internationally renowned hotel), the hotel provides a safe and reliable pick up service that can be pre-arranged. 
If transport in Nigeria is still a topic that worries you, please connect with us and discuss what additional options we can arrange.


We advise that you check with your travel agent what vaccinations or precautions are recommended for visiting Nigeria.
In general, vaccination against yellow fever is required for people coming from or travelling through an affected area.
However, we recommend that ALL foreign nationals bring a certificate with them, irrespective of whether they have come from an endemic area or not - in order to smooth customs procedures.
We also would like to inform you that malaria is prevalent in Nigeria, and that profylaxis are advised.


Drinking water

Nigeria's water supply is improving however it is recommended to only consume water from sealed water bottles. Most good hotels provide a courtesy bottle to guests.


Almost all hotels in Nigeria require you to pay before you get your key. Typically you are requested to pay 125% of the room rate and you will be refunded when settling the bill on your departure. Depending on the hotel & the billing currency it could be preferred to pay in cash, as the exchange rate used could result in an increase in cost.

General Travel Advice

Please be aware that the Nigerian Ministry of Transportation has announced the closure of Abuja airport (Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport) from 8 March to 18 April 2017. This is for essential runway maintenance. As the conference will be taking place in Lagos, this shouldn’t be a major cause for concern.

Governments generally advise against all travel to the north-eastern part of the country, where there is a continuing threat from terrorism.

For any specific or other questions, please do feel free to reach out to us personally and get in touch