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This closed-door workshop is separate from Day 1 and Day 2.
For more information, please contact Katrina Pielli (contact details below).

Mainstream appliances and other end-use technologies consume too much power to be cost-effectively supported by available off-grid DC energy supply technologies, such as solar home systems, posing a significant barrier to delivering these critical energy services. In contrast, super-efficient appliances and equipment can help deliver higher levels of energy services to off-grid populations by significantly reducing the required energy supply, bringing down the overall cost of off-grid energy by as much as 50% in some cases. In addition to efficiency, appliances need to be better tailored to lower income and rural communities in terms of durability, pricing, and other considerations.
Despite the growing demands for off-grid DC appliances, stocks and product variety are still limited in Nigeria. This one-day workshop will build on the growing momentum and increased interest in the efficient off-grid appliance market to bring together management-level representatives from all main brand and distributors together with leading thoughts leaders, donors, and policy makers, to discuss the Nigerian off-grid electricity market, the pay-as-you-go household solar sector, and how efficient DC appliances can play an important role. Participants will learn about the opportunities and challenges, case studies and the importance of DC appliances to the growth of the household solar market, the government of Nigeria’s vision for distributed solar, and opportunities to promote the development of the DC appliances sector in Nigeria. The objective of this workshop is to galvanize support and activities to further promote the growth of the efficient off-grid appliance market in Nigeria. These local efficient appliance markets are critical to expanding the use of off-grid appliances compatible for use with off-grid energy sources such as solar home systems and mini-grids.

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Please note that an invitation for this side event DOES NOT include participation for the conference program on Day 1 and 2. To attend the conference please register via the registration page.