Session 1 - Introduction and Overview of the Market Potential of the Nigerian Solar PV Sector

  • Overview of the solar energy market in Nigeria, what are the opportunities for on-grid and distributed Solar?
  • The size of the market, investment overview, economic implications.

Session 2 - Regulatory Issues, Policies and Funding mechanisms for Solar PV in Nigeria

  • Catalyzing the growth of PV through large-scale tender schemes and available support mechanisms - holding a competitive procurement round
  • Scope and developments of the regulation document on minigrids
  • Leveling the Playing Field Through Regulation, what incentives are needed from the government, what is already in place?

Session 3 - Financing: Structuring Bankable Deals and Attracting Capital

  • Using public funds to mobilise commercial capital/Debt facilities backed by multilateral institutions, what role can DFI’s play?
  • PAYG/DESCO models in the off-grid sector are inherently working capital-intensive, how to secure sufficient working capital (role of structured finance)
  • Structuring Bankable Deals for large utility scale projects, lowering costs and attracting foreign capital.


Session 5 - The Road Ahead: Fulfilling Nigeria’s Solar Potential

  • The position of solar in the future Nigerian energy system
  • Replicating African success stories
  • Ways to reinforce synergy between state owned enterprises, public-private partnerships and international cooperation for future PV growth

Session 4 - Mitigating Financial and Operational Risks associated with Nigerian Solar PV Projects

  • Risks and risk perception specific for the Nigerian solar market - what to look out for
  • Dealing with a local currency cash flow: the added benefit of currency hedging strategies for the different sectors (on-grid, distributed)
  • Strategies for distributed generation when dealing with potential grid arrival