BLOOMBERG - GreenWish Partners, a Paris-based independent power producer, will invest $280 million to build solar-power plants in Nigeria that are expected to start producing electricity in the first quarter of next year.

A plant in the southeastern state of Enugu will produce 100 megawatts, while the company will build two others of 50 megawatts each in the northern Kaduna and Jigawa states, Chief Executive Officer Charlotte Aubin-Kalaidjian said in an interview in Lagos. The project will be funded 70 percent through debt and 30 percent through equity and on completion will provide power to 2.5 million people, she said.

“We only take risks where solar makes sense, where it is competitive and where there is political support,” Aubin-Kalaidjian said. “This government is very committed to developing power and renewables, especially in regions where there is no gas available.”

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country of more than 180 million people, faces an 8,000-megawatt energy shortfall, having capacity to generate only about 4,000 megawatts of electricity. Most plans for new capacity focused on using natural gas from the southern petroleum region until the Power, Works and Housing Minister Babatunde Fashola’s introduced a framework to accommodate solar-power producers last year.


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