At a recently ended power forum, industry leaders witnessed the launch of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, which will aid the country’s 2030 energy mix.

On Thursday, the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) was launched at the annual West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), its goal being to see renewable energy including solar, hydro, biomass and wind contributing 40% of the national energy mix by 2030.

REAN is an umbrella association for organisations working across the renewable energy spectrum within the country, including renewable energy enterprises, project developers and promoters.

The association is set to provide a strong private sector voice to call for policies and regulation, which catalyse the growth of the renewable energy market, and increase finance to the sector.

REAN President, Segun Adaju, commented: “At this critical time for energy and climate [change] we are delighted [that] so many renewable energy enterprises are coming together to support the launch of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria.

“It is vital for the sector to have a united voice with which to call for supportive policy, financing and regulation.”

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