It's safe to say that the first edition of The Solar Future Nigeria - which was also the very first event in the country fully dedicated to solar PV - was a hugely successful conference and a landmark event for the solar industry in Nigeria. It became crystal clear how much need and how much potential there is for solar applications in Nigeria, which is such an exciting market with its booming economy and unimaginable hunger for energy. 

Though there are important hurdles to overcome on the way to getting solar applied on a significant scale, it was encouraging to see such a large group of professionals eager to overcome those challenges and make it all happen, combining the best elements of local entrepreneurship and international experience and support. Innovative solutions and business models in all segments - large scale, mini-grid, off-grid - were discussed and important issues related to financing, risks and instabilities were met head-on by the experts on stage. As always, networking was a key element in the event, with many opportunities for the attendees to make important connections to accelerate their businesses.

“A great event for the Solar industry in Nigeria. The conference was very well organised offering rich content and excellent networking opportunities. We look forward to taking part next year!”
- Marketing Director - Solynta Energy

“The right conference, the right people, the right companies at the right time.”
- Business Strategy and Planning Advisor - AllOn

“A must attend for anyone interested in Nigeria's solar industry.”
- Consultant - Power for All

“The conference was a game-changer for the Nigerian solar community. It marks the beginning of a new phase in Nigeria.”
- CEO/Managing Director - The Solar House - Brone Renewables Ltd